Waterjet cut items

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Waterjet cut items

The versatility of waterjet cutting machines enables us to carry out countless processes on all types of rubber, silicone and many others with thicknesses starting from 0.5 mm a 60 mm.

In addition to the products shown in the picture, we are able to process other types of material such as:

• Foamed resin, bituminous mixtures;

• Polyester films;

• Para rubber;

• Hypalon;

• Foamed plastics;

• NBR and white EPDM FDA food approved;

• Lead;

• Rigid, soft and foamed PVC;

• Transparent, red and foamed silicone;

• Rubberized fabrics for membranes;

• FKM.

Our 1,000 sq.m. warehouse allows us to always have raw material available so as to reduce to the utmost delivery times.

Effegi Srl does not only work as per client designs but is also able to reproduce dimensions from samples thanks to our qualified technical office.

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